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“how to think” not “what to think”

Why choose IGA to help you, and your business?

You are looking for advice and ideas – perhaps in operating your business, managing unfamiliar issues, or dealing with the increasing complexity of growing and innovating in a rapidly changing environment. But demands on your time are constant, and it is likely that you feel the range of challenges you face are unique to your location, your sector, or even your specific business organisation.

You are not alone.

There is evidence to suggest that some 50% of SME’s shy away from traditional consultancy models, especially in business innovation and growth, deterred by the high costs and advice content that is too generic for their specific needs. In this scenario, IGA believes that many SMEs actually resort either to the web, local or personal networks, or take recourse to self-help sources. Are you one of those?

IGA actively seeks out those organisations, seeking to tailor our assistance ed to the specific need of the client, whether they are an SME or an individual.


Because IGA’s innovation is to recast complex state-of-the-art academic innovation & growth solutions into SME terms, tailoring pragmatic solutions at affordable rates. The idea is ahead of others, because most consultancies do not serve these fringe markets, the very SMEs that could benefit from professional assistance in seeking solutions to challenges in your business, especially in how to innovate and grow. Our priority is to assist you to understand better how to adapt and iteratively innovate, as the global environment evolves.

How do we do this?

The IGA team is diverse – it is transnational, cross sectoral, and multiskilled which can demonstrate hands-on expertise in innovation & growth at multiple levels in the business, public administration, and academic spheres. IGA is therefore able to combine both practical and theoretical know-how in developing pragmatic advice, tailored for a client’s unique circumstances.

Our reputation and credibility depend on two elements, firstly, the quality of our interactions with clients, and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the success of IGA’s interventions.

So, talk to us and discover how we will create a competitive advantage for your business – together.