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“how to think” not “what to think”

Who are we?

We are a team,* led by Nasira Bradley, that helps improve outcomes for businesses and organisations, by providing clients new perspectives on how-to-think. We work with you on making things function better, exploring new avenues, or on how to transition to the next step. It’s our experience that makes the difference: acquired that through having done it in the real world, and supplementing this by the latest thinking in the innovation and growth space. This allows us to take a uniquely integrated approach when facing new challenges.

The team sees every challenge as an opportunity for people to learn and grow. Externally, a problem may often appear to be largely economic, commercial, technical, or legal but almost invariably the root cause lies in human interaction. We’ve individually led large projects, sat on boards, set-up companies, and interacted with stakeholders, but we’ve also worked in hotels, soldered circuit boards and humped cement down hoppers, in short – we get it. And each of us is committed to helping you make it better.

Core Team Bios


Anne Shamim, Dr Andrew Strathdee, Dr Aravindan Veiraiah

Prof Jeff Fear, Prof Colin Mayer, Prof Ray Stokes, Craig McGee, Iain Ritchie, Ray Perman